4 different stages of the design process

1. Pre-Concept

This stage is to understand the situation of the project, to sharing the opinions and to find out the possibilities from the client demand and budget side.

-Site visit
-Checking the plans and dimensions (Interior / Renovation project) -Hearing the clients demands and design perspective
-Fixation of the program
-Layout sketch (Interior / Renovation project)
-Approximate work schedule
-Approximate construction cost ±25%

2. Concept Design

This stage works for architect presentation and client feedbacks to de- cide the design of the project. 2 or 3 times presentation and feedbacks and adjustment of the design.

-Proposal concept design
-Drawing set (Plan,Section,Facade Elevation)
-Original Furniture design (Material selection, Dimensions)
-Furnishings and equipment selection
-Electrical drawings (Layout)
-Mood Board (Indication of the space and color combinations by images)
-Perspective images,2-3 pages (Depending on the project size) 
-Model (Architecture)
-Work and construction schedule
-Approximate construction cost ±20%

3. Detail + Construction Drawing

This stage is to provide the construction drawing regarding to the decision from the Concept Design phase for the contractor. To adjust the construction cost.

-Construction drawings
-Detail Drawings
-Electrical drawings (Technical layout) -Plumbing drawing
-Furniture detail design
-Work and construction schedule
-Approximate construction cost ±15%

4. Design Supervision at the Construction phase

Supervision work is to control the construction quality regarding to the design for every day or once a week.

-Site visit (every day or once a week, Depending on the project)
-Adjustment and updating the architecture drawing
-Meeting with contractor