About Five Plus One

The name of the Five plus One comes from the Asian ideology which describe about the world by five elements. In this ideology, the “Five" elements means minimum material of the world. “Plus One" means to add a solution or an action into the five elements for realization the idea.


Born in Japan. Currently i live in Hanoi Vietnam, used to live in Mexico and Switzerland. Under the four different countries  living, i'm trying to integrate various point of view and founding a  essential human sense into my works.

Photo © Norihito IIda

Kosuke Osawa

2008 : Tama Art University

2009 – 2010 : A scholarship student, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan ( CONACYT Mexico)

2009 – 2012 : Fernando Romero ,LAR,FREE (Mexico) , Architect

2012 – : Five Plus One (Mexico)

2016 – 2017 : Atelier Oï (Switzerland)

2018 – 2020 : G8A (Vietnam)

2021 – : Five Plus One (Vietnam)